Everything changed. Once it punctured my skin, life as I knew it had changed. As I pressed the plunger on the syringe down, pushing forth that small amount of testosterone, so many thoughts raced through my mind. one of the recurring ones was “Holy shit. It’s happening.” I tell you, I never thought that day would come to pass.
It’s saturday now, it’s been almost 48 hours since the shot. I did it in the late hours between wednesday and thursday, however your schedule is. I still viewed it as wednesday because I had not been asleep yet. I had stopped off at a cvs to get a sharps container and some alcohol wipes. While being checked out, I thought about how significant this was yet it was insignificant at the same time, if that makes sense. I knew that no major changes would occur immediately. My chest(which I loathe with every fiber of my being) would still be there. My face would remain smooth and soft. I would still get called “ma’am”. Ugh. I cringe everytime I hear it. Yes, no physical changes happened but another sort of change did occur. I finally got the validation that this is the right choice for me. My whole thinking of how this would affect others changed and I was at ease with myself and my choices.
Next wednesday will be my second shot with a lifetime more to follow. I know with each passing week, it will get easier. It will become easier to push that needle into my thigh and sending that medicine into my body. Because I have been validated. That is the biggest change that I could ever have had happen.


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