That is the topic of this post. If that bothers you, please stop here and exit out. It will not be extremely graphic but I will touch upon different options of having a penis and whether having a penis should define me as a man.

So I was asked if I would still be able to achieve orgasms if I have a penis surgically created. That’s a gamble that depends on type of procedure and how well my body would adapt to it. I’ll post a couple of links that will describe the two main types-
Metoidiplasty: which is described by wikipedia as such: Testosterone replacement therapy gradually enlarges the clitoris to an average size of 4–5 cm (1.6–2 in)[2] (as the clitoris and the penis are developmentally homologous). In a metoidioplasty, a surgeon separates the enlarged clitoris from the labia minora, and severs its suspensory ligament in order to lower it to approximate the position of the penis.(

Phalloplasty: phalloplasty requires an implanted erectile prosthesis to achieve an erection (and enable sexual penetration). This is usually done in a separate surgery to allow time for healing. There are several types of erectile prostheses, including malleable rod-like medical devices that allow the neo-penis to either stand up or hang down. Penile implants require a neophallus of appropriate length and volume in order to be a safe option. The long-term success rates of implants in constructed penises are less than the success rates of reconstruction in cisgender men. Good sensation in the reconstructed penis can help reduce the risk of the implant eventually eroding through the skin.[1](

With phalloplasty, there are different types of implants that can be used that has its pros and cons as far as cost and functionality. As with any sort of surgery, there’s always a risk of infection, loss of sensation and basically a non working penis. It’s not cheap to have a penis surgically made for you. (

There is another alternative, which is a prosthetic penis.

There are various prosthetics out there. Some are for appearance only(the material used can be toxic if used for penetration without protection). Others are both functionable and for appearance purposes. Each maker of the prosthetics hvae a different look for their products but it’s all up to the man’s preference. I will post links to various prosthetic websites to show the variety and choices that are out there for FTMs. Right now, if I were to pick a route to go, I’d go with the prosthetic mostly due to cost, time and knowing that there’s a high probabilty of it working for me.

It’s all a matter of choice for each man as far what will make him feel complete. Someone told me that they wouldn’t be able to see me as a man unless I had a penis. Really now? You want me to drop my pants and show you what I have? Why is it anyone’s concern what I may or may not have in my pants. Only myself and my significant other will know. For everyone else, as I continue on this road, don’t rely on the physical to define me. Let how I present myself define me. Why do we get so hung up on genitalia? Is that how we’re going to be remembered when we depart this world? For our penises and vaginas? I don’t think there has ever been a mention of how fantastic someone’s genitaila was was in their obituary.

So rememeber that next time you encounter a transgender person, treat them as you would want to be treated. Not on the basis of your gender but of who you are. We are just like you.



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