Tonight I opened the package I had been waiting for since I clicked that submit order button. It was waiting for me at my parent’s house so I stopped by after work to get it. I couldn’t wait the extra 15 minutes to get to my place so I opened it right away. At first glace, it looked unappealing, boring white enclosed in plastic. I ripped the bag open, pulled it out and opened it fully. Its not the most attractive piece one can wear but it’ll be hidden under my clothes, away from the world unnoticed. I drove home, keeping the nervousness at bay but brimming with excitement. Once inside the safety of my apartment, I went into the bathroom and began taking off my clothes. I opened the shirt fully to step into it because it being a compression garment, it would have been impossible to get it on over my head and shoulders. Once I got it all the way up and slipped my arms into the holes. It looked lumpy so after a few adjustments, my chest began taking on à flatter shape and a grin spread across my face once I saw the end results. New thoughts went through my head and all of them were uplifting, happy thoughts. This is the beginning of the best thing in my life and for that moment, it was just me and my body slowly beginning to merge with each other. Then it was time to try on clothes!! The clothes that wouldn’t fit because of the size of my chest, fit now! Who was a happy, good looking boy?!


Hmm...kind of lumpy still


I have man chest shape!


It actually fits now!!


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