So the last post was a bit of a sad one so here’s one that will hopefully have a good outcome.

Since that last post, a new part of me has begun to emerge. It’s what I feel I’ve been missing all these years and suddenly, a light went on. As I tell more people and be more open about it, the consequences are lesser meaning people are more accepting. I’ve realized that I’m a transman. I am taking the steps to start moving into that life which will not be that much more different than how it is now. Yes my outer appearance will change over time but if appearances shouldn’t matter to those who see your heart. As long as your heart follows the path of goodness, then your light shall not dim. I’ve told a couple of family members and close friends.

The question I may/have gotten is ‘Why not just continue to be a lesbian?’ Well there are four parts that form the sexual aspects of humans: Sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender. My sexual identity is that I’m attracted to women but my gender identity is aligned in the male spectrum. My orientation is straight from my gender identity point but from my biological gender, I’m viewed as a lesbian which isn’t correct in regards to me.
Sexual Identity: attracted to women
Sexual Orientation: straight
Gender Identity: male
Gender: female
Sexuality isn’t black and white anymore. I know so many people who have redefined sexuality on so many levels. In this day and age, nothing is unheard of. But don’t focus on what will be in my pants or what I do in the bedroom. Focus on the core of who I am. A lot of you may realize I’m not going to be all that different.


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